Target Zero Priorities

2016 Target Zero Priorities


We base traffic safety priorities on the latest data

To focus efforts on eliminating deaths and serious injuries on our state’s roadways, partners analyzed the data from 2012–2014 to determine the highest priorities for immediate efforts. The team grouped the primary factors found in fatal and serious traffic crashes into priority levels one, two, and three. The levels are based on the percentage of traffic fatalities and serious injuries associated with each factor.

Priority level one includes the factors associated with the largest number of fatalities and serious injuries in the state. Each of these factors was involved in at least 30% of the traffic fatalities or serious injuries between 2012 and 2014.

Priority level two factors, while frequent, are not as common as priority level one factors. Level two factors were seen in at least 10% of traffic fatalities or serious injuries, but fewer than 30%.

Priority level three factors are associated with less than 10% of fatalities and serious injuries.

Target Zero Priorities